About Us

Our Experience

Our collective community development experience spans nearly 40 years. We have been working with communities, non-profit organizations, businesses and governments for decades - helping them identify their goals and the pathways to achieve them. We have worked in government, in non-profits and in private business, and understand the unique complexities of those environments.

Our Approach

We believe that decisions should be influenced by those who will be most impacted by them. All of our activities are based on this fundamental premise.

In addition, we approach each project with a clear mind, a strong sense of purpose, and a desire to leave the organization stronger than when we arrived. From there, we adapt our proven processes to ensure that they will meet, and exceed, your needs and expectations. Each project is unique and requires a unique solution.

Our Services

We have experience working with organizations to accomplish numerous goals. Our skills are best aligned with projects that include strategic planning, community engagement, stakeholder analysis, and program and policy development.

What is TSE?

Third Sector Enhancement (TSE) is an inter-generational family business which was established in 2014. TSE brings together the experience and knowledge of one generation with the energy and enthusiasm of another.

When TSE was established, Chris had recently retired from the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre; Chantal had recently given birth to her second child and was seeking a way to work, while also being present for a growing family.

The father/daughter team decided to work together to see if they could meld their collective ideas and experiences to support local organizations, and, to test their ability to work together in a family business! 

TSE Partners

Chantal Pelham-Edwards


Chantal has been at the helm of TSE since its creation in 2014. She is an experienced facilitator and is responsible for client communications. She has facilitated strategic planning and community engagement processes with numerous clients, and in her previous employment as a strategic planner with the Government of Nova Scotia. 

Chantal enjoys the process of getting to know new clients and supporting them to identify and achieve their goals. As a member of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), Chantal understands how  appropriate stakeholder engagement can positively impact the outcome of almost any project.  

Chantal is the Communications Coordinator for the Seniors Association of St. Margaret's Bay, and enjoys writing about the contributions of older adults to our communities and society.

Chantal's volunteer activities include being a board member for the St. Margaret's Bay Community Enterprise Centre and the Avon Pony Club. Chantal also supports various fundraising activities at the St. Margaret's Bay Elementary School.

When not working, Chantal is a busy mom to two young children, and enjoys boating, horse back riding and skiing.

Chris Pelham


Chris is the former Executive Director of the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre. Chris is a seasoned facilitator and has over 25 years of experience in local and regional business and community economic development. He is a recognized leader in strategic planning for not-for-profit organizations, an internationally certified small business counselor, and was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship for his contribution to entrepreneurial development in Canada.

Chris is a big picture thinker - no idea is too big - and has a knack for ensuring that the right people, with the right expertise, are working on projects to ensure their success.

Chris was part of the team that founded Bay Rides, a community transportation system based in St. Margaret's Bay. Currently, Chris is the President and Chair of the St. Margaret's Bay Community Enterprise Centre, a hub-type facility that brings together volunteer, not-for-profit, and for-profit organizations to learn from each and benefit from shared space and services.  

Chris enjoys boating, gardening, writing, and spending time with this two favourite people - Henry and Helen - his grandchildren who lovingly call him Papa.


Third Sector has been fortunate to work with some creative, knowledgeable and dedicated partners and associates. We routinely call on their expertise to help clients, or to bid on a project. We feel that there is strength in collaboration, not weakness, and look forward to continuing our positive relationship with the associates that are listed below, and others.

Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre


Chris is the former Executive Director of the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre, therefore there is a long-standing relationship between Third Sector and the Centre. Third Sector and AEC are partnered on the Redefining Retirement program. 

Andy Horsnell Consulting


Chris and Andy have worked together for decades, and have lots of stories of their times together! Andy Horsnell Consulting brings an invaluable layer of knowledge on social enterprise activities, and on community entrepreneurship in general.

Common Good Solutions


Third Sector and Common Good Solutions partnered to facilitate an entrepreneurship workshop with the senior leaders at the Nova Scotia Community College.

Patty Charlton


Chantal and Patty worked together at the Department of Environment, and Patty shared her policy development expertise with Third Sector when they provided policy options on community transportation for the Government of Nova Scotia.

Denise VanWhychen


Denise worked with Third Sector when we facilitated the public engagement aspect of the project to update the Municipal Land-Use Planning Strategy for the Municipality of the District of Chester.

Laurie Cook


Laurie Cook is a Learning and Innovation Specialist and leader in local and national community development. Laurie has a wealth of knowledge on adult education and encouraging innovation.

Laurie is the president of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet).


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