How can we help you?

Strategic Planning


A failure to plan, is a plan to fail. We believe that a strong strategic plan is the foundation for success for any organization. We use our engagement practices to work with your organization, staff, and stakeholders to facilitate a strategic planning process that will create a clear and focused plan to guide your work for years to come. 

Community, Stakeholder and Public Engagement


We work with clients to create a process that will inform, engage and cultivate the knowledge of citizens on issues that are important to them. Our process ensures objective and unbiased feedback from participants to decision makers. 

Program and Policy Development


Building on knowledge already developed within the organization, we work with clients to develop appropriate policies and programs on a variety of topics.

Business Planning


A strong business plan can make or break a new project. We can help you get your initiative off the ground.

Other ideas?


What kind of support do you need? We have done a number of projects that don't quite fit in the other boxes on this page. Let us know what you need, and we'll be honest about our ability to help you, or not.